Citta beautifully designed to bring about a sense of calm and ease to your yoga practice to take throughout our day.


This eco friendly yoga mat is biodegradable and contains no harmful toxins. The natural tree rubber creates a durable and supportive base while the luxurious microfibre adds an ultra responsive grip surface for a safe practice.

Comes with a black carry sling that can also double as a stretch strap.


Extra long at 183cm, 61cm wide, 3.5mm thick.

The Matt Collective | Citta Yoga Mat

SKU: Citta
  • The Mat Collective yoga mat surface is made of a vegan microfibre and heat pressed to the base. The base is made from natural tree rubber and is 100% non-toxic. The tree rubber is gently extracted from the rubber tree in a process just like a maple tree might be tapped. The tree is not stressed or killed in the process making this an incredible sustainable process.