A flowing yoga practice, linking breath with movement. In this class you will build strength, flexibility and focus, whilst calming the mind. Expect a mixture of standing and balancing postures strengthening the physical and mental body. Each flow class is unique and will vary from teacher to teacher.

This class is open to all levels with modifications on offer.


An energising and dynamic express flow with upbeat tunes to get you moving. This is a heat builder, a strong practice featuring creative sequences to create a challenging cardiovascular yoga practice. New to Yoga? We suggest a few Chill or Yin Yoga classes to begin with :)


Take a little extra time to unwind with gentle, mellow movement. Expect relaxed and grounding postures, moving and flowing at an easy pace, utilising yoga props to support the body. This is the perfect place to start - Great for beginners, pregnancy and postpartum. This class is open to all levels.


A class offering seated or reclined posture holds (3-5mins), targeting the connective tissue - ligaments, joints, bones, and the fascia throughout the body. This is a grounding and nourishing class, designed to create balance in the body. Benefits include improved joint mobility and flexibility, increases circulation, calming the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety. This class is for everyone - Open to all levels.